Asbestos Abatement Worker Certification Training

North West Environmental is a WorkSafeBC Authorized Asbestos Abatement Training Agency. Our Asbestos Safety program has been vetted and approved by WorkSafeBC and will be routinely reviewed and audited. We provide high-quality training by knowledgeable and experienced trainers in an environment that mixes classroom and hands-on learning styles. We can provide online and in-person training anywhere in British Columbia. Our delivery approach is flexible and tailored to meet your specific training needs.

Level 1 Foundational Awareness

This course is designed for individuals that handle, transport, or dispose of asbestos-containing materials. It provides foundational awareness topics including sources of asbestos in buildings, health impacts, safety, and waste disposal. It is also recommended for those who do not require abatement certification, but who would benefit from asbestos awareness such as building managers, plumbers, HVAC, electricians, roofers, and painters.

This course is a pre-requisite for Level 2 Asbestos Safety and Level S Surveyor.
Length: 6 Hours (including administration of the WSBC Final Exam).
Delivery: In Person or Live Virtual.
Cost: $250/person

Level 2 Asbestos Safety

Level 2 is for anyone conducting asbestos abatement work in relation to a building. This course covers the safety considerations and industry-accepted protocols for abatement and asbestos clean-up for moderate and high-risk work. This course includes hands-on components and a practical skills test.

Pre-requisites: Level 1 Foundational Awareness.
Length: 24 Hours (includes administration of Practical Skills Test and the WSBC Final Exam).
Delivery: In Person or Blended.
Cost: $1500/person

Level 3 Asbestos Safety Leader

This course is intended for anyone that directs asbestos work, such as Supervisors, Managers, Site Superintendents and others responsible for health and safety. This course reviews the roles and responsibilities of the worksite Supervisor including safety considerations in relation to asbestos abatement, interpreting air monitoring results, documentation, and considerations around resources.

Pre-requisites: Level 2 Asbestos Safety.
Length: 8 Hours (including administration of WSCB Final Exam).
Delivery: In Person or Live Virtual.
Cost: $750/person

Level S Surveyor

Level S is designed for asbestos surveyors and covers full and partial hazardous materials surveys and asbestos inventory surveys. Survey processes such as job planning, development of meaningful sampling plans, safety considerations, and reporting are included in this course. This course includes hands-on components.

Pre-requisites: Level 1 Foundational Awareness.
Length: 16 Hours (including administration of WSBC Final Exam).
Delivery: In Person or Live Virtual.
Cost: $1200/person

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Upcoming courses

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  • Level 1: July 8
  • Level 2: July 9-11
  • Level 3: July 12
  • Level S: July 15-16