Infection Control Consulting

Hazard assessments

Identification and quantification of risks to patient populations based upon the criteria set out in the CSA Standard for infection control.

Reviews consist of a Preventative Measures Analysis conducted with an evaluation of the nature of the construction/deconstruction activity to be undertaken, the patient population risk groups, and the geographical areas involved in the work. Particular care is taken to identify adjacent sensitive activities and operations.

A risk assessment report is compiled which details the hazards posed to different groups during a variety of building activities.

Demolition surveys

Evaluation of the nature of the demolition work to be undertaken and preparation of plans for the most efficient and cost effective procedures to contain dust, and reduce the risk of infection, contamination of site services and ambient air.

Project management

Design, budgeting and tendering of projects. Coordination with various groups including owners, architects, engineers and contractors.

Consultation and project planning giving specific consideration to the needs and sensitivities of various client groups including medical staff, infection control professionals and FMO representatives.

Noise testing

Noise testing and dosimetry to establish a degree of worker exposure to sound level pressure.

Biological monitoring

Yeasts, moulds and other fungi. Recommendations for other types of biological monitoring.